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In 2012, Dr. Conran, OD purchased a soon-to-be retired optometrists house and practice and moved with his family to Fond du Lac. Outside of the business sat the prior optometrist’s signage.



Looking to replace it and establish a name for himself, he contacted me to design a logo and identity set for him. He was looking for a stylized eye, but his specific ideas and expectations prevented him from purchasing a stock image online.


Working through multiple reiterations of sketches, we finally decided on one of the designs. From there, I created multiple promotional piece ideas, identity set and a new website. Using the same distinctive, deep blue, I kept the identity set simple yet elegant. The business cards were both embossed and debossed with the eye logo. The letterheads and folders were embossed, and the folder text was also lightly foil stamped. The sign is located on Division Street in Fond du Lac, WI